From the Great Sphinx to Petra to the Great Pyramid, journey on this epic archaeology adventure, weaving between the past and the present, to uncover hidden ancient secrets and fascinating mysteries about a long lost civilization...


An ancient prophecy, thousands of years old, told of the coming of the Chosen one, but she will be both loved and feared, and some will stop at nothing to defy everything she represents.


A secret power that once proved too deadly, was hidden away deep beneath the sands of Egypt, only to be revealed by its sworn guardians when the time came that the knowledge would be safe.


Two young archaeologists fatefully unearth unusual artifacts dating over 12,000 years old. The exhilarating find however, is wrong - very wrong. The artifacts shouldn’t be there…they shouldn’t even exist at all.


Now after remaining dormant for 12,000 years, the secret has been uncovered, and its true purpose suspected. What will be the greatest discovery in human history will either change us forever or destroy us for trying…

Secret of the Sands trailer by filmmaker James Gelet:

SECRET OF THE SANDS is an AWARD-WINNING mystery novel that combines alternate historical fiction & speculative sci-fi to explore ancient Egypt and the mysterious Great Sphinx of Giza

Secret of the Sands has made numerous appearances as an BESTSELLER in the categories of "Ancient Civilizations", "Fantasy-Historical", "Suspense", "Books, Religion & Spirituality, Fiction", "Fiction, Action & Adventure", and "Historical Fiction"!

The SECRET OF THE SANDS Trilogy are Indiana Jones-style adventure novels where readers are treated to two adventures-in-one as the story weaves back & forth between a royal family with a potentially deadly secret in ancient Egypt & the adventures of a couple of modern-day archaeologists on a mission to uncover an amazing artifact that could change the world!


The Great Sphinx of Giza has guarded a secret, both dangerous and incredible, for 12,000 years. Now deadly enemies emerge, and those involved must face startling truths and deep sorrow, in the fight against the forces of tyranny...

"High adventure, past and present, merge into a multi-leveled tale of epic proportions in this triumphant sequel to the best-selling novel, Secret Of The Sands!"
- Gary Val Tenuta, author of Ash: Return Of The Beast & The Ezekiel Code

The Great Sphinx is not the only ancient wonder that has incredible secrets hidden deep within it. But uncovering these secrets will have life-changing consequences. There will be no turning back. It will take a great deal of courage and the testing of faith, on multiple fronts, to face them...

Journey through some of the most magnificent ancient places on earth as you join this final adventure in the Secret of the Sands trilogy...




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"This is my kind of book. Please, please make a continuing series and a movie! The authors are extremely talented. I cannot praise this book enough. Fast paced, page turner, character development, fascinating plot...what more could I ask for."

"Their detailed storytelling paints a picture of ancient Egypt in all its glory. The reader feels they are a part of the book, living amongst the Kierani people. The end of the novel leaves the reader curious and wanting more. This reader can hardly wait for the sequel, Destiny of the Sands."
- Authors on the Rise Book Reviews

"This is a WOW of a book!!...For those of us who are lovers of the ancient worlds, Egypt, present and past, archaeology, the metaphysical, and mystical happenings, this is a great choice for you."
- Ellen in Atlanta, Amazon Vine Voice, Top 1000 Reviewer

"This is a beautifully written book and I enjoyed reading it very much, and I would readily recommend it to anyone looking for a good story to read."
- Jym Cherry, reviewer, Sonar4 Science Fiction & Horror eZine

"This novel is innovative, concise and enthralling. Fluctuating between present day and ancient Egypt, the pace never decelerates. The reader is treated to plausible theories regarding many riddles of this mysterious civilization. This time-honored culture is so clearly portrayed with characters which are so skillfully brought to life that one can easily imagine they are actually present as events are unfolding. The story comes to a clear conclusion yet leaves the reader desperately hoping there will be a sequel...or a trilogy...or even better yet, a whole series of these phenomenal books!"

"Rai Aren & Tavius E. write a spellbinding mix of mystery, history, fantasy, and adventure in this tale of two histories - one told in the present, the other told from the past - telling a story of misused power, learning how to trust, and the fate of civilization."

"A deep probing mystery riddled with prophecy and danger, Secret of the Sands uses Egypt and her mythology as a backdrop to delve into the meanings of life and religion."
- McNally Robinson

"Rai Aren and Tavius E. have crafted a fast-paced, exciting novel overflowing with mystery and intrigue. The tension is constant. The characters fully developed. And the plot gripping. Ancient history and present day relevance are so expertly intertwined, that you might forget you are reading a work of fiction."
- Thomas Phillips, author of The Molech Prophecy

"Secret of the Sands has BLOCKBUSTER written all over it! ÉFans of what might be called the "Indiana Jones" genre of fiction will be thrilled with Secret of the Sands. Like a race horse on steroids it blasts out of the gate in the opening prologue and doesn't stop running until it reaches the finish line. This remarkably well conceived and well executed first-time novel by Rai Aren and her co-author, Tavius E. is loaded with adventure, prophecy, mystery, secrets, deception, epic-scale battles, romance, good guys, bad guys, liars, cheaters, scoundrels, and, of course, heroes...Secret of the Sands is a thrill-ride..."
- Gary Val Tenuta, author of The Ezekiel Code

"The description that initially comes to mind is Indiana Jones, with a bit of Stargate, Mummy, and 5th Element, yet remaining completely unique. Secret of the Sands is an excitingly vivid, page-turning adventure infused with history, humor, and excitement. Rai Aren and Tavius E. have created a spectacular story with characters that I just love or simply love to hate. Like National Treasure, there is just enough historical and scientific fact mixed in to make the fictional story plausible and fun. And what a wonderful way to spotlight archaeological theories that have lost the public eye. I kept wanting to read and, by half-way through, I didn't want to put it down. Secret of the Sands was a thrill ride until the very end and I loved every minute of it!"
- Marauder, Deputy Headmistress of the Official Potterholics Annonymous

"Secrets, deceit and lies can make almost any novel exciting. But, add to that, two stories simultaneously told then throw in some romance, science fiction and a power struggle and what do you get? A true page turner that takes you on one heck of a journey."
- Michael Balkind, author of Sudden Death & Dead Ball

"The pacing is flawless, the characters well-defined, the history thoroughly researched. The authors have done their homework, and I can't wait for the sequel. I would enthusiastically recommend this novel to anyone who wants a real page-turner!"
- Norma Beishir, author of Chasing the Wind & the bestselling novels Angels at Midnight & A Time for Legends

"The authors take us on a wild rollercoaster ride full of secrets, romance, lust, seduction, loyalty, royalty and deception that takes place 12,000 years ago where all is not as it seems. Two modern day Indiana Jones type archaeologists discover the secret of the sands and unravel the mysteries and dangers the secret holds."
- Mike Monahan, author of Barracuda

"I'd recommend this to anyone who is enchanted by ancient civilizations and the mysteries of how things might have come to be, such as why and how the Sphinx was constructed."
- Ruth Ann Nordin, Historical Romance Author

"Secret of the Sands is far from your typical archaeologist-finally-finds-ancient-archeotype scenario. It is much, much more. Definitely a book that one can say 'satisfies your thirst, yet leaves you quenching for more...'"
- J.R. Reardon, author of Confidential Communications & Dishonored

"While I've certainly enjoyed my share of novels, few of them have left me wanting to rush out and by the sequel as much as this one does."
- Debra Purdy Kong, author of Fatal Encryption & Taxed to Death

"Have you ever wondered how old the Sphinx really is? Have you been intrigued by the mysteries swirling like the desert sands around this awesome ancient monument? Rai Aren and Tavius E. have written a mesmerizing story in which two young archaeologists discover an artifact that could provide all of the answers. But they are not the only ones who are interested in this relic, for it holds a power unlike anything seen on Earth before...This novel is packed with adventure and suspense, and the style is fast-paced and filled with vivid description."
- Susan Jane McLeod, author of Soul and Shadow & Fire and Shadow

"It is my belief that Rai Aren & Tavius E. fit as Master Storytellers and Great Authors."
- Lance Oren, author of Chances R & Hurac‡n

"A wonderful, exciting story!"
- Lila Pinord, author of Min's Monster, Skye Dancer & Evil Lives in Blue Rock

"The authors have successfully woven a story based on archeological events mixed with their own ideas of what happened to the Sphinx and the mysteries surrounding it."

"This book bounces back and forth in a fascinating balance between modern day archeologists and a theoretical civilization from 12,000 years ago...The story is told in a deft, yet casual style that makes it accessible and fun for any reader."
- Donald Gorman, author of Paradox & The Red Veil

"The mark of a truly good story is one that transcends the ages. Although the writers may base some of their novel in the past, a good yarn echoes into the present and future, as well. Secret of the Sands cherishes love, family and honor, condemns evil and treachery and presents us with a tantalizing theory of what lies beneath the great sphinx."
- Ann B. Keller, author of The Devil's Crescent & Crenellations

"I recently finished this book, which I literally devoured,and was never so sorry to be finished with anything in a very long time. In all honesty, I'm not easily pleased when it comes to my favorite subject, ancient Egypt, and it takes a lot to grab and hold my attention. This book most assuredly did just that. The authors were able to seemlessly transition between ancient times and present day, never losing the momentum of the story. I particularly enjoyed the way they incorporated the possible premise that the Sphinx, not to mention the Egyptian civilization, is older than is commonly believed by the present day archeological community. I share that belief actually. I recommend this book strongly to anyone looking for a great read and I simply can't wait for the next installment. The day it's released will be the day I have it in my possession."
- S.K. Shirley, Williamsville, NY, USA

"Secret of the Sands mixes mystery, ancient Egypt, romance, and as well as paranormal elements to make a fascinating novel."
- Cheryl Koch, Amazon Vine Voice



James Rollins - NY Times Bestselling author of  Map of Bones, Black Order, Sandstorm, The Judas Strain, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Last Oracle, & many others!

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Dan Brown - Great, fun, entertaining reads with a mix of history lessons

J.R.R. Tolkien - A true master of storytelling, in every sense of the word, and by far one of our greatest influences. The world of Middle Earth enchants like no other, and imprints upon your heart...

Agatha Christie- The queen of mysteries. Her books stand the test of time for a very good reason, they are wonderful mystery novels! The movies are excellent, too. Rai's faves are 'Death on the Nile' and 'Murder on the Orient Express'. Read one, read them all!

William Beck - Author of Bryson McGann novel series

Matthew Reilly - A very successful author that has sold over 2 million copies worldwide of his roller-coaster thrillers, and started out self-publishing his first hugely popular novel Contest. A path we definitely hope to follow!

David Eddings - Creates fascinating worlds and characters you grow really attached to and miss when the story ends - check out the absolutely wonderful Belgariad series

Anne Rice - A tremendously gifted author who seems to channel her stories from some mysterious place. Her Vampire Lestat series is legendary & for good reason. They are richly layered novels that seduce & haunt you, in the best possible way... Also, check out Memnoch the Devil - truly brilliant!


























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